Thursday, October 29, 2009


by Jill Fehrenbacher.

Brutalists look out. A new type of concrete has been developed, and it looks almost ethereal. Images of LiTraCon, the Light Transmitting concrete – make it look strangely like styrofoam. Hungarian architect Ron Losonczi invented this stuff three years ago, by embedding optical glass fibers into concrete. LitraCon has the strength of traditional concrete, but light can pass through it (through the glass fibers). Walls made LitraCon allow silhouettes of the outside world to be transmitted into the interior of a building. This stuff looks amazing. I can’t wait to see some buildings made out of this.

Benchshop's changing room in Berlin


  1. salam cyfu..aaar...this one is very smart... i think our school can also do some experiment about this new composite-concrete...and can produce some small pavilion/wakaf using this translucent concrete... i think the basic technic to produce this is.. by using the same material for making a yacht/boat, fiberglass..isn't it..? mann this is interesting...!

  2. alaikumussalam nxum,
    the material is by embedding fibre glass into concrete. will try to get the technology to our school, insyallah. thanks for the suggestion.