Thursday, February 4, 2010


Architectural discoveries always arrives in most unexpected ways, thanks to barely perceptible shifts in ways of observing cities, place & space, structure and social life. By working as they do, through projects one after another, architectural students are increasingly thinking and taking differently from those before them. They are stumbling across unexpected qualities or possibilities found in the new media used to captured, record or communicate ideas. They are picking up and starting to try out new kinds of design tools; they are experimenting with new materials, assembly structural systems, building technologies and the physical 'stuff' of building in such haphazard ways that they are opening up further avenues for new kinds of projects. The consequences of this kind of youthful approach to architecture are readilly evident in this project.
Project: Poetic Footbridge
Duration: 4 weeks
Requirements: Finished model with scale 1:200, exploded isometric & superimposed photograph on site.
Site: Tropical Garden University Lake
Supervisor & Photography: cyfu.
Enjoy & Godbless.