Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A house is much more than just a roof over our heads. Our places of dwelling have developed dramatically over the course of history. Homes today have to be incredibily versatile buildings. The place in which we live in should be enjoyed, provide protection, respite, peace, inspiration and warmth to all who enter.
Colour can dramatically alter any space within our home. The posibilities made available to us by modern paints almost limitless, and traditional and modern homes alike can be transformed through the clever used of colour. Pale colours and whites can instantly refresh a tired room, giving a clean look and creating a bright, spacious atmosphere. Rich colours, such as deep ruby or emerald green, will have an intense effect, creating a more intimate and cosy feeling. A little knowledge can go a long way, but rules are made to be broken. We can all be influenced by scientific theory and the current trends, but just remember the most important thing: it is you and your family who have to live with and enjoy these colours.
Colour in the home cannot be changed as often as we change our clothing, so the colour decision is extremely important. The right choice of a certain colour scheme for our home is to suits our lifestyle and meets our personal and emotional needs.
source: the colour scheme

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