Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Kuala Terengganu, which is strategically located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, was a natural stopping point for those who piled the trade from China to South East Asia in the early days. Kampung Cina became the most densely populated area for the Chinese Community. Located in the historic heart of Kuala Terengganu, it has been acclaimed as part of the country's living history of shophouse architecture. Sprouting from joint restoration and preservation efforts between the State Government, the Kuala Terengganu Municipal Council and Chinese Association in Terengganu, Chinatown has been given a boost for tourism.
We can all learn a lot from the past. History has and always will continue to fascinate those whose travel the world with open eyes. I used to say to my student, go and travel with your architectural eyes but this time my friend, Loharisan and I travel with our photographic eyes to fascinating heritage district along Jalan Bandar and "morning" stroll along Kampung Cina with full photographic gear. I said "morning' because it was very early in the morning.. I mean 3.00 a.m in the morning, hoping to get some interesting shots. But suprisingly, we were welcome by lots of guard dogs barking at us like no other business. We knew it loud and clear that we are not welcome, especially at that hour. Here are some shots that we would like to share it with you. Please click the first photo above to view the rest on my flickr set.

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