Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am just back from a short retreat after a very hectic pace of my routine works. I went to a small idyllic tropical island at East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia known as Pulau Kapas. Located less than 5km from the mainland and is reached within 15 minutes by speedboat from the coastal fishing village of Marang. Put up at Kapas Island Resort on the western shore facing the mainland. Pulau Kapas means Cotton Island and this peculiar name is attributed to the pure white beaches that are the trademark of the island. The name comes as no surprise once you have walked along these beaches, the sand is soft and white and slopes gently into the crystal clear water.
Another reason why Kapas Island is popular because of the excellent snorkeling activities around the island. There are a lot of treasures to be discover under the crystal clear surface of the water. Another 'must try' activity here is 'candat sotong' in Terengganuspeak or squid jiggling. Unfortunately I miss it as i didn't make earlier arrangement.
This activity took place in April and May (peak time) each year. If you drive at night along coastal road between April to October, you will see a long rows of light at the sea which i used to call it Terengganu skyline. Those are the lights of squid jiggers.
On second day, I got a shocking wake up call from my sister. She told me that the roof of Terengganu Stadium collapsed. She was so concerned about the incident because the night before we were there at the bowling alley enjoying ourselves till after midnight. We were so lucky it didn't happened when we were there. I managed to take a few shots before it collapsed.
Kapas Island may be easy to reach but it is harder to leave this island after being immersed in its beauty especially during the night fall. By having said that, we were unfortunate because during our stay the sun was burning hot. We could only enjoy the beaches at late afternoon when the sun became more friendly to us. Please click photo to see the whole sets of Kapas Island memorabilia.


  1. wah..cyfu,kt pulau nie ke yg cyfu kata nk bwk ktorg tk jd kn..sbb mhl kn..btl kn..mcm best je pulau nie..rugi tk dpt pg..

  2. lupa plak..yg brkata2 kt ats nie iman..

  3. haa kat pulau ni la yg dikatakan tu... cam kat program survivor pun ada gak. i dah dpt contact no dia org. lain kali dapat la murah skit. lain kali kita gi sana , k, same group. kite buat reunion workbase three (architorture) kat sana. insyallah. next week fakulti alam bina buat hari keluarga kat sana tapi saya tak pegi sbb dah pergi. thanks iman for stoping by at my blog.