Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Every year Architecture Department organizes a workshop to discuss rigorously on matters that concern architectural education at UTM. This time we had our workshop at Kayangan Suite, Pulai Spring Resort which is just five minutes away from UTM, Skudai. Things that are not done well in the last session had been analyzed thoroughly during the workshop. Steps and action for correction and improvement are also been tabled and debated so that tangible action could be taken next session. The workshop is held from 25th May until 28th May 2009. The workshop also prepare for a 5-year master plan. As current and former students of UTM's architecture programme you must have lots of things to say. Why not take this opportunity to share your viewpoints.


  1. Hi, I have heard many complains on students works quality, lack of architecture drawing convention knowledge, technical problem and so on.In my opinion concept and drawing convention are both important. A success architect came out with only skill but no good intention, wise thought is nothing.Therefore i think lecturer should educate student on both. We have move from stone age to modern world, computer is a tool to design and it is the future. But i think before a line goes into CAD it has to be on paper first, students have to know how to draw by hand and also by computer.Speaking about good design intention, lecturer should be the one who influence students with good intention.For example, i think all building should be as sustainable as possible and it should be considered for all. I get shocked during the Emeritus Norbert Lechner's Lecture in FAB, a female lecturer even ask him should and when lecturer teach student about sustainable buildings. . . So I hope lecturer educate their student to be good, and also on drawing convention as well as computer in order to produce a better architect.

  2. Please do inspire and influence student a lot to design with good intention because I believe architecture can change the world.

  3. salam and hi,

    it is a good and positive opinion from you J.. Eventhough i didn't know you very well but i can smell the spirit of architecture inside you.. "Computer vs Manual in architecture" is a critical topic which had been discussed for ages.. Many people labelled as a “lame topic”. Nothing could yet has become a solid solution or a firm answer that could satisfied every heart.. in my opinion, tools is a tolerant things which enable the students on how to progress in design.. some might consider manual while some might chose digital.. i got nothing wrong with it.

    I'd prefer to speaks about how the learning process is being taught. I really salute a teacher who could inspire the students mind (thinking) on how the design should be. It is a challenging and hard task for a lecturer which actually 'lives' and 'thinks' as a designer rather than a "managing lecturer" which only point the student to do these and whatnot without he or she enlighten the students mind.. design is a complex process.It involves interest, thinking, and soul. A single line represents millions function and perception.. everything needs to be symbiotic and balance. Having just Rhetoric Mouth Without being a Sweating Hands is not good. Talking too much Technical without being brave to invent is the same with too much philosophy. Both were cripple!!

    For those who has got interest to learn architecture; This Blog Author is a "must-see" person that should be in your list.try to sit "toe to toe with him". Mr Din a.k.a Cyfu (soon to be crowned as Dr. InshaAllah) is a special and cultured person who has got a strong and passion heart. As far as i knew him, he is also a kind of person who thinks beyond the norm which some people often associate him as weird. Always being skillful and hands-on in everything has make him synchronized both aesthetic and technical aspect. He computes his brain to be sensible yet logical and purify his heart with being humble in his life. His mouth speaks the rhytm of encylopedic and novelist speech with full meanings. I always quote his word, "When you Speaks from your heart, it will Touch Another Heart".. You've touches my heart millions..i personally couldn't afford to lost this kind of teacher...

    May ALLAH Bless You Sensei...

    -namso- "reversal"

  4. Salam & Hi,
    Thank you for all your sincere comments. It really touch me. I look at life & learning process as a journey. May it be you want to interpret it as a physical or spiritual journey. The journey that you have to go on with a positive intention. As time passes by you will experience many things and meet many characters. I used to talk to some friends about what life is all about. Why we are here. And why HE choose us to be who we are. Why not somebody else. As a muslim believer, i always refer back to my Holy Quran. What it said is all true nothing but the truth. Telling us about had happened and what is going to happen. To believe and to give our heart to something which is not yet happen is a tough one. The Holy Kitab said all things that have not yet happen but yet at the same time showing us it is already happened. How to comprehened such a situation. Sometimes I started to think that all had already happened. What happen now is just a play back by the Al-Mighty to test us and may be to give us second chance to be a better person. I always said this to my students... Opportunity only come once... so grab it. Yesterday is gone. It will never come again and will be a history. Here we are today... thinking/planning about tomorrow.....

  5. Faith is a knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach....

  6. salam, a kind of enthusiastic comments and appreciation. thanks for diving into my blogjourney. long time no see. last meeting we met during a conference in KL. long time ago. hows life? moga dirahmati dan diilhamkan cahaya hidayah sepanjang hayat. it seems quite a tough job in deciding the right way in a right education. we never stop in having a workshop from time to time, similar with my dept. Archi UPM. the debate still hanging around with the issues of skill and idea. but to me... we have to move to another level of discussion. today we needs thinking evolution. new language of percetion and different info. of new knowledge. it must start from early education. a new game of mind and inspiration.

    we have to feed the students with correct substance of knowledge and value of self conscious within their heart. we couldnt decide anymore which drawing is good or bad. we should driven them to know about knowledge and how to use it.

    architecture is not only about building, sustainable or fluenced with computer. but about life and people. so the concepts of archi. is to know people and its culture. so the problem now, is how to know the people. did we learn all those things?

    a debate to discuss.

    salam pertemuan

    sahabat lama
    naser UPM.

  7. Agree that achitecture is about life and people. Design for humanity is good but at other point of view, as some human behavior became worse the design that follows it tend to cause the architecture to lose it value. It is about design intention versus human attitude. Many professions find it hard to define a good design in all aspect. Some good planning and design proposed just to make people define the way of living in a different way instead of diminishing the quality of life but some people just don't get and accept it, while some bland design that just to suit the local demanding and the world industrilization will just leaving the next genaration to live in the world without meaning.

  8. salam bro anonymous.

    human attitude tu datang dari mana? dan siapa yang buat design intention tu? how you describes good and bad in architecture? it is based on quality, style or something spiritual?

    what kind of meaning did we teach in architecture? history, tradition? philosophy?