Friday, May 22, 2009


An afterthought to all those people who have been so silent that many a times I wonder if they were present at all.... God gave the gift of speech only to man but how is it that most of us are still dumb. What a waste! Comm'on mate, reach out. It does not hurt to say, 'Hi..i..'
borrowed from: Other Musings of Jak


  1. Hi....!

    We're not good in talking and expressing our love to you, but you know within the silence it does means something.
    So here it goes, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO A WONDERFUL DAD AND TEACHER LIKE U. We couldn't believe we can achieve this much without u at our side.
    Hi..we love u :)

    p/s: outstanding works!

  2. Thank you for a lovely touchy comments. i love all of you too....