Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Architecture is lower and slower than any other field; we are the least technological, but we talk about it the most.
Mark Wigley
Architecture Principe was born out of the conviction that modern architecture had become fossilised. It had entirely lost its principles, both in its own nature, and also in relation to the other arts.
Claude Parent

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  1. Something to brighten up your day :)

    If you are architecture students you've probably experienced:
    -the taste of wood glue
    -you get annoyed when people tell you to "go to sleep" or "do you still have a lot of work?" (!!!)
    -your friends and you don't have the same concept of work, ie "oh, you have homework? Well you can do it right before class..." (No way will this ever happen!)
    -you've slept more than 20 straight hours on weekends
    -you can easily discuss with authority the effects of caffeine on different drinks
    -no matter the effort you put in a project, somebody will always say “why don’t you add this? or “why don’t you change this here? or “i think that…but…yeah, its ok?" (and that 'somebody' is my design tutor...grrr)
    -whenever you get invited somewhere, it is followed by “or do you have a lot of homework?"
    -your worst nightmare consists of not finishing a project
    -someone once called you “lazy" and you wanted them murdered (lol. oh my goodness SO TRUE!!!)
    -you can live without human contact, sunlight, food, but if your plotter’s ink runs out… chaos!!! (*nods*)
    -when somebody lends you a Bic pen you look down at it
    -you’ve gained the ability to sleep in whatever surface: pencils, keyboards, backpacks, your studio mates, food, etc (lol. sigh...)
    -when you finally have free time to go out you keep thinking “who was the fool who designed the restaurant’s bathroom? “who designed this menu?" or “who designed this [chair, table, lighting, fork, etc]?"
    -you've been at many sunrises, yet you've never really experienced one
    - “You’re in architecture? Well…it was nice to meet, you, but I’ll probably never see you again.”