Friday, August 13, 2010

Sigiria Rock, Sri Lanka

Our next climb is Sigiriya Rock. So, I'll be going to be honest with you. Sigiriya Rock was amazing. It was really nice and an interesting place to visit. The views from the top are breath taking. It is also called Hanging Monasteries of the World. A must when you go to Sri Lanka. The soaring, flat-topped mesa upon which Prince Kasyapa built this acclaimed fifth-century compound, has been called the Eighth Wonder of the World for its engineering and utter audacity. Evidence suggests he used it more as a pleasure palace than military post, though the royal swimming pool, wide thrones, and saucy cave frescoes are cited as proof. A thick heat accompanied our climb. I pushed into it, traversing the sheer side of Kasyapa’s palace on narrow iron rails, dodging hornet swarms. Looking at the mountain’s shadow on the jungle canopy below, catching my breath before mounting the remains of a huge, carved lion for the final ascent. I summited in endorphine-soaked rapture, 360 degrees, windswept, and drenched with effort. Only the square foundation remained of the fortress, allowing us to look through grand, imaginary walls at the terraced grounds. For more image please visit my Facebook. or my Flickr. Enjoy&Godbless.

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  1. Never knew theres a lot of interesting places in Sri Lanka. went there back in 2000. i only went to Kandy and Colombo city area.

    regards SPACE student