Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cycle Therapy

Busy time around here, but I invested in some "bike therapy" last weekend to give my cameras something to do when my brain is done working for the week. Been planning for the project around a bike for sometime ago with friends: something I can take no longer for a light weekend tours, but can also be comfortable for riding around Melaka town and can use for errands. This is the starting point for Kelab Sepeda Tua Johor Bahru, inconjunction with KOSTI from Indonesia, Kelab Basikal Tua Batu Berendam and Basikal Malaya to organize “Acara Kayuhan Dua Negara: Malaysia Indonesia” and room for improvements will slowly come.
I have no professional interest in antique bicycle’s history or archives, but I do love them. For all of the hubbub that folks in the bicycling community make around Melaka, it's interesting to note the paucity of antique bicycles in the online portion of the archive, which, of course, is miniscule compared to their physical records, but still. These are some of the images which I wanna share with you for your therapy.

All photos snapped at the “Acara Kayuhan Dua Negara: Malaysia Indonesia at Melaka World Heritage City. Not my bikes, church, or Flor de la Mar.

Just go to this site and look around:

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  1. salam cyfu...chun foto2 tour,siap beruniform lagi mengayuh basikal... style!