Saturday, December 5, 2009


This is a tale of a designer and it requires a designer to read and listen and to be able to hear, to feel and understand “the tale of a designer”.
It is now the third weeks since all my students went off for their semester break except some of my international students and (one final year student who are very ‘special’ to me) are still around at the campus. The first two weeks to the mid of third weeks, I’m loaded with meetings and other academic activities. On the second last day of the third week of the semester break, I felt the day stretched very long as I don’t feel like attentive to my routine work. I fell into a void of silence…. Long day of quiet except for the noise of some worldly affairs. I’m in my journey again, sat alone and looked into myself. This is the time for quiet prayer and meditation and reflection to the Most High. At that time I’m in stunned and semi-dazed, yet this feeling was not new. I had felt this way so often over the years that I took it as an aspect of my normal state of mind. The life of a designer is always full of changes and challenges to how one has learned to think that things are. Having arrived at this state, I reviewed the recent events of my life (the conference of the birds) as connected with my brotherhood and tried to understand what I should do next and why he came into my life. After turning these questions around in my mind for nearly two weeks, a door was suddenly flung open and the answers began to come. An unexpected meeting with my ‘special student’ came to a conclusion. Soon I came to see that what had seemed to be the end was just another beginning.


  1. it is long2 story..sometimes need
    us to think deeply..btw who the'special one'??

  2. I'm sorry tengku. I will keep it to myself & thanks for stopping by at my blog.

  3. salam..

    does the black cloud eluded and the brighter sun is shining these days? with an upmost hope may your wings fill with a sober spirit..

    "Patience is of two kinds: patience over what pains you, and patience against what you covet." - Ali ibn Abu Talib

    "wish for a doa"

  4. =)
    well, its very true that every person sent to us; whether they negatively or positively affecting us, is always for a reason..there's always the hidden hikmah. We are the seeker, obligated to find it.
    God's beautiful puzzle. =)

  5. It was raining heavily outside when i open this comments from both of you (osman & eliyin). The day/cloud was dark as though the world understand what was going on. But alhamdulillah someone shared it with me. Many thanks to all of you who cared & concerned. I hope i can understand the hidden hikmah and what HE is trying to say. BaralAllahufikum all for your constant support.

  6. we living in a world of being. set in the middle of nowhere. being empty from the beginning. we live, (according to Guy Debord), in a society of the spectacle. a society of surfaces, or representation without depth. everyday is an illusion of time and fiction of thought.

    subbahanallah walhamdullillah wala illa haillah wallah hu akbar.

  7. selamat menyambut awal muharram, semoga tahun mendatang memberi keberkatan dan kekuatan dalam islam. amin

  8. Salam Maal Hijrah Jua pada Tuan Naser....
    semoga 1430 diampuni.... 1431 dilindungi & dirahmati. Aameen.