Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Internationally acclaimed 'green' architect, Ken Yeang, had launched Frederick Giesecke Lecture Series.
A presentation by the internationally acclaimed Malaysian architect and writer Ken Yeang had launched the Texas A&M College of Architecture’s new Frederick E. Giesecke Lecture Series on Nov. 6 2007 at the Langford Architecture Center’s Preston Geren Auditorium.
Yeang is renowned worldwide for his groundbreaking work throughout South Asia, developing environmentally friendly design strategies for high quality ecologically sustainable, or ”green,” high-rise buildings. His seminal book, “Bioclimatic Skyscrapers,” the first of many, was published in 1994. In 1999, he was awarded the prestigious Auguste Perret Prize by the International Union of Architects.For the full story:


  1. nowaday architect more concern bout
    green would we as architecture student must be as a part of green architect??

  2. Yup absolutely Tengku. We must take good care of our planet. Go for biomimetic architecture.

  3. but how to develop this kind
    of archi as a student that
    new in dis field..we know that this
    r very important..did FAB will
    provide the specific module to teach us..

  4. read books. surf the net. always have that extra initiatives

    and eventually as you implore and explore deeper throughout your 5 year of studies you will develop that sense of maturity and knowledge in design; regardless in technical/technological aspects, socio-culture,environment, space, form etc.
    the keyword is never stop learning, and have that passion in you :)

    on another note, I believe our country are directing our construction/architecture industry to a greener pasture. read the New Straits Time every friday on the Properties pullout, they have provided a column focusing on GBI (green building index) and major industry player in our country that are gearing up toward more enviro-concious. YTL is such a corporate. I think during the hols they also interview serina hijjaz, since of late her projects takes great consideration on environmental and green - smart building

    Im not sure about any specific module; bt things such as the orientation of your building in respect to context and sunpath, openings and ventilations,etc will come thru as I stated earlier beforehand.

    Ive been a 1st year, and I myself start with very little knowledge of architecture/design (and I still have much to learn even now), but insyaALLAH ur lecturers and seniors will guide u thru.

    besides ken yeang, u might also like to read CJ Lim's; his method of presentation and idea were quite unconventional, but it also emphasize on green and environment.

    Have fun learning n dun worry too much tengku :)

  5. Dziękuję za wszystkie komentarze... Khruz :)