Thursday, August 27, 2009


The first project for this semester is about perceiving the environment with eco-centric attitude. It is also to develop observation and analytic skills through experience the environment by using the five senses. The students were introduced to visual design component that exist in nature, man-made and artwork. The task is to produce an illustration of building facade. Workbase 3 has opted an old shop at Jalan Trus & Jalan Dhobi, Johor Bahru as the subject to be studied and to understand the intimate and harmonious relationship of men in their environment. These require good perception of the five senses, good understanding of aesthetic value, and looking thorough the artistic and poetic eye. The technique used is pencil colour on paper in portrait or landscape format. During the submission day/exhibition day all are require to be in green to associate with the environment and i call it as Green Day. It was officiated by our Head of Department. Click HERE to enjoy the rest.


  1. Please feel free to give your comment. It can be in English or Malay but not Somali or Yemani. Cheers.

  2. I'm amazed at some of the vitruvius artworks.
    I myself didnt even get the chance to get my hands on acrylic :)

    and I miss doing manuals as well.

    it was a really good exhibition cyfu

  3. Thanks Khruz. You are cordially invited to our 2nd project exhibition tomorrow (Friday 28 Aug 09)at Ruang Pameran 1, 3.00pm. My workbase will present their projects entitled Antropometric Instalation & Folding Architecture.