Sunday, August 30, 2009


Anthropometric installation is a project to establish element of point, plane and form as in 2D and 3D form-site composition. The site is at Linangan Jernih, Faculty of Built Environment. It is also to understand visual interpretation and define design elements, principles and environmental awareness as they are used in architecture and design. The student has to built a full scale 2D & 3D model of their own anthropometric. Corrugated board are used to complete the task. The project was done by the first year architecture students, Faculty of Built Environment, UTM, Skudai. Please click first photo to enjoy the rest.


  1. very interesting installation cyfu.... terasa mcm ada magnet menarik pergi ke bilik pameran kelmarin walaupun saya sendiri ada submission petang tuu.. mungkin akan lebih menarik jika student menggunakan 'metal' dalam bentuk (2d piece-by-piece 3d)..

    + very enjoyable experience project...

  2. kudos to vitruvius @ 1st years, and compliments as well to the lecturers

    I really like the installation. more so its not flat, kaku or rigid; seems they're having a fun time enjoying themselves doing the project

  3. Many thanks to both of you for a very encouraging compliments & comments.